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    • The Elevated Energy Shot

      Energy shots always seem to be full of the weirdest stuff. Let’s leave the strange ingredients to the competition. e+ has no soy, gluten, dairy, and definitely no artificial colours, flavors, or sweeteners.

    • Conscious Caffeine

      Your caffeine should come from a plant, not a lab. e+ only sources plant-based caffeine from green tea and yerba mate. ¡Vámonos!

    • Energy From Botanicals

      Botanicals are herbs and botanicals that help combat stress and contribute natural energy. They’re like Mother Nature’s power plants. (Definitely solar power.)

    What’s Inside

    Meet the Adaptogens

    A multipurpose botanical for the maintenance of good health and vitality.
    Hawthorn Berry
    An herbal remedy known for its antioxidant properties. Big benefits from such a little berry.
    Mountain Ash Berry
    Vitamins and minerals for improved nutrition.
    Yerba Mate
    A burst of energy and a great alternative to coffee.
    Green Tea Leaf
    Beloved all over the world for a reason (or a hundred).
    Frequently Asked

    Your questions, answered

    e+ is designed for those ages 16 and older who are ready to elevate their performance in just about every area of their lives. From kick-starting a workout to boosting mental and physical performance, e+ is ready. And if you’re looking to perform better under stressful circumstances or just want to enhance your body’s physical activity and recovery, e+ can help you reach your goals.
    e+ is a natural energy shot featuring our unique blend of botanicals ideal for providing clarity and promoting physical performance. The addition of naturally sourced caffeine derived from green tea and yerba mate provides elevated energy to power through busy days.
    Many energy shots contain high levels of caffeine, which can cause very unwelcome side effects. Even more rely on excessive amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners, flavors, and coloring. That’s how e+ is different. This is elevated energy. No other energy shot on the market contains our proprietary botanical blend, which leaves you feeling energized without worsening the inevitable crash later.
    The ingredients in e+ affect everyone differently. We recommend using one half of a bottle, or 1 ounce, for moderate energy, and a whole bottle, or 2 ounces, for maximum energy— with a maximum of two bottles daily. To discover how e+ works for you, begin with drinking one half of a bottle, wait 10 minutes, and determine if you require more. If you have any medical conditions; are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, or on medication; or otherwise have concerns if e+ is right for you, please check with your physician before taking this or any other supplement.


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